Day 1: Finding Your Current Coordinates Worksheet

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1 Want & Have:
2 Want & Don’t Have:
3 Don’t Want & Have:
4 Don’t Want & Don’t Have:

Take a look at your four lists. Make sure you have at least several items in each column and that each item that you wrote down is real and specific.

Now, once you’ve reviewed and refined your completed list, looking at your lists again, notice:

•      Which list is the longest and which is shortest.


•      Which list was the easiest to create and which was the most difficult.


•      Which list feels most familiar and which one is least familiar.


As you look from list to list, are you comparing items of equal importance, or do you find you have “mountains” on one list and “molehills” on another?

Right now, which list currently draws your attention more?

As you look over your answers, how do you feel about them?

Do you like the items on your lists, or do you want to change some of them?

As you go to sleep tonight, let your mind wander over how things are, and how you’d like them to be. If anything significant comes up, add it to your list.

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