About the Authors

A lifelong student of human behavior and a serial entrepreneur who founded four businesses, Tom Dotz took his first NLP training form NLP Comprehensive. He was so impressed he immediately founded the NLP Institute of California in partnership with NLP Comprehensive. Using NLP to market NLP, he created a powerhouse community and grew it to the largest organization of its kind in the U.S. in just four years.

In the process he developed and produced numerous signature NLP Training Programs, including the “Ultimate Master Practitioner Training”, a 30 day program hailed as the most comprehensive ever offered at the time. In 1998 he bought the “mother ship” NLP Comprehensive, where he continued to lead the design of innovative NLP programs. Since  returning to his home town of Santa Barbara in 2016 and taking a “sailing sabbatical” (which continues ;-), he has focused on creating DIY NLP applications.

Tom Hoobyar, NLP Master Practitioner, engineer, and high tech CEO, used his NLP skills and life experience to help individuals and businesses grow. With a life that spanned being a working cowboy, private investigator, political consultant and serial inventor, he held thirty-seven patents in the biotech industry. He last commercial startup was founding CEO and marketing strategist for ASEPCO, Inc., a  highly successful biotech firm.

He took even more delight in his accomplishments as a happily married family man with three adult kids and seven grandchildren. He founded the NLP Café, the international NLP Alumni study group. Through the NLP Café he conducted advanced programs in NLP for fifteen years, and served on the board of NLP Comprehensive, a world-leader in NLP training. With writing this book just begun, he was stricken with pancreatic cancer and passed away suddenly in 2011.

Susan Sanders helps organizations make learning and working easier, fun, and more meaningful. Her understanding of how people “work,” love of words, attention to beliefs and metaphor, and unique ability to organize ideas distinguish her approach and ability to create lasting change. A decade-long study of NLP enables Susan to integrate NLP concepts and strategies into writing and editing, instructional design, and training delivery.



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