21 Day Guide

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The Next Steps To Creating The Person You Want To Be:

21-Days to a New You

The best time to complete this portion of the book is after you’ve read all the chapters. This guide builds on the NLP ideas and techniques you’ve explored throughout the book and applies them in new ways. Continuing to play with these ideas and processes will increase your mastery of this breakthrough technology and allow you to integrate them as a way you naturally navigate life.

Even though there are recommended activities for each day, there’s no rule that says you can’t do more than one a day, as long as you’re giving each activity the full attention it deserves. Once you’ve completed this program, you may want to return to the days that you found most useful or appreciated the most, and repeat them for greater benefit. Or you may want to return to days didn’t seem to offer you much; repeating these opportunities might produce different results or reveal something about yourself. You can also simply repeat the entire program from the beginning. Do any of these activities as often as you like, until all of your goals are reached or you feel you’ve learned everything this book has to offer, whichever comes first.

 This guide is adapted, with NLP Comprehensive’s generous permission,

from NLP: The New Technology of Achievement.

Congratulations on making this commitment to yourself

and your wellbeing. 

The work you do to improve yourself also affects your entire world,

and for that, you have our sincere thanks.

Best wishes for good fortune as you continue your journey. 

~ Tom Hoobyar, Tom Dotz and Susan Sanders


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NLP – The Essential Guide is really fantastic. The best book about NLP I’ve read.
Thanks for helping me develop my invisible potential. Now I’m more conscious about who I am.

Thought this was so informative and mind changing
Thankyou so much

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