8-4 Parts Model in Conflict integration

You've got some great new ways to deal with conflict, applying what you've learned through the course of the book and your personal experience to areas of disagreement.

Here's another powerful model using the “Parts Model” and the Reframing Model in combination. This process is called  “Six Step Reframing.” Originally developed for internal conflicts, conflicts where you had more than two conflicting goals or parts, it is used with equal effectiveness in groups to negotiate conflicts.

It's very similar to the way the Glen and Susan story was resolved, it's a little more explicit, and specifically designed for situations where there are more than two parties at the table.

Here's the video section from the Portable Practitioner with Jan Prince (and the process instructions follow):
Intro and Overview Six-Step Reframing s6-d5-c2

Demo: Six-Step Reframing s6-d5-c3

Review of Demo & Exercise Guidelines s6-d5-c4

Review of Six-Step Reframing Exercise s6-d5-c5

Pretty cool, huh? So pick some conflict in your life, an internal one to start is probably easier, use the six step reframing process, and note what happens.

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