Day 2: Discovering Your Motivation Direction And Priorities

Yesterday you discovered your current coordinates. Today you’ll focus on two of the lists you made: what you Want & Don’t Have and what you Don’t Want & Have. Which list currently occupies more of your attention? Remember the meta-program that describes a person’s motivation direction as away-from or toward (from Chapters 4 and 6)? The Want & Don’t Have list is another way of describing a toward motivation, while Don’t Want & Have is another way of describing an away-from motivation.

Notice which list is more important to you now. Begin with that list first. Review the items and prioritize them. What do you want to change most? What do you want to change next – after that, and so on? Use any ranking system you like.

After you finish prioritizing your first list, do the same with the second list.

Once you have prioritized both lists, consider which change, if you were to get it would make the most difference in your life? It might be one of your top-ranked items, and then again, it might seem at first to be a minor one. For example, how much difference would it make to everything else in your life if you began each day in a good mood? What small, but significant change could you make in your day now that would encourage this – the perfect latte, a healthy breakfast, upbeat music, stimulating conversation, comfortable shoes? Review your priorities again to identify items that seem most likely, once they shift, to produce the biggest change. Star or highlight these items.



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